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Three easy ways to schedule:

·         NEW: LiveNote Central users can now schedule new and manage existing stream sessions. Visit LiveNote Central to start scheduling now. Don’t have a LiveNote Central Account?  Send technical support an e-mail to get one 

·         Complete an online scheduling request using the form below and you will receive a confirmation email when your request has been processed

·         Contact a stream specialist by calling technical support at 1-800-290-9378 and say “stream” to the automated attendant

Please submit the requested information for your upcoming event at least 1 business day prior to its start (3 business days for Video Streaming to allow for encoding device shipping). Already scheduled stream sessions can be modified at any time by accessing the session on LiveNote Central. We will confirm your booking by e-mail. If you cannot meet these time frames or are scheduling an international event, please call a LiveNote StreamSM Service Representative at 1-800-290-9378 and say “stream” to the automated attendant

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  Attendees:   Please enter the E-Mail address of each attendee that may connect to the LiveNote StreamSM event, then check the boxes for services required. For Instant Messaging, please place the participant in a secure group (Group A, B, C or D). Participants may only exchange messages with others in their group.

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  By clicking Submit, I acknowledge that I am accountable for all fees associated with and connections made to this LiveNote StreamSM deposition. For more information, please call our Sales Department at 1-800-LIVENOTE.

If you would like to set up a test prior to the deposition, please call LiveNote Technical Support at 1.800.290.9378.

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